"Et al" – Yarnsomniacs
Permaculture yarn, home grown on our Ewetiful acres/ADHD Farm.
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"Et al"

alpaca Et al llam natural colors natural colours plied plied yarn sheep yarn Yarnsomniacs

At Yarnsomniacs "Et al" means from a few members of the flock. These skeins are handspun to include a beautiful variety of natural-colours that ply together to create an adventure to craft with.

For example Phil Et al, means Phil's fleece was used for the main strand, and the other strands are composed with an assortment of fibres from the flock that will at times compliment or contrast with the main strand.

Each skein is one of a kind. 

In this photo Phil's grey can been seen beside the Et al consisting of many other colours and fibres from our sheep and Llamas. 

 Viola and Phil are favourites for the grey, Yogi and Boo Boo for the long dark Browns, Little Bo Peep is a dark down fibre which has more loft, for halo we may add from our llamas. Creamy whites sections may be Stella, Ethel, Meryl Sheep, Lady Baa Baa, Ewe-Ewe-Ma, Ricky, Oscar, Iggy or Moxy. 

Sheep breeds in our fibre flock/stock from our farm:  Border Leicester, Blue Faced Leicester,  Romney, Polwarth, Babydoll Southdown, Rambouillet, Gotland.

Characteristics: handspun, plied, natural colours, one of a kind.

 Care Instructions: Handwash, lay flat to dry.

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