Yarnsomniacs: we do it all night long; knitting, crochet, spin yarn
Permaculture yarn, home grown on our Ewetiful acres/ADHD Farm.
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About Us

We are Yarnsomniacs because that is what we do: yarn. When we are not knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing or weaving, we stay up at night searching the internet for new patterns and yarns. Sometimes we look up yarns because we can't sleep, other times we can't sleep because we are thinking of yarns!  :)

In fact, we love yarn so much that we bought the farm! Yes, we did. 

So now we also grow our own wools to make our own yarns, from our Permaculture based flock of sheep and llamas. 

As a hand spinner, I like to have a variety of fibres to play with so we process our fleeces individually, rather than blending them all together. It is more work, but each fleece is a seperate adventure! It is amazing how much variety there can be from 2 fleece of the same breed. 

We aim to have a nice selection of natural colours and variation in staple length and crimp, as well as texture. 

We currently sheep and Llamas, and we maintain them with Permaculture based practices such as rotational grazing (our resident wool artist also has a Permaculture Design Certificate). The Llamas are the guardians of our sheep, but they also produce lovely fibre, and are great walking companions. 

You can check out all our various sheep's fibres and yarns online or at our local wool festivals. 

Feel free to join us on Ravelry or FB, flash your stash, WIPs or FOs. We love to see what you have done and what happens with the yarn that you get from us :)