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Sponsor a Sheep


Would you like to sponsor a sheep?

Option A) get the entire fleece* right off the sheep from sheering day, shipped right away. 

You can either sponsor a sheep that is mature now, and get fleece that will be sheared this spring, or sponsor a newborn lamb and get the wool from next springs shearing, as well as lots of photos and videos during the year with updates as to how your sheep is doing. 


Option B) 1000g of washed, picked, carded, and then handspun, to be shipped by fall, sooner if possible. You can pick a sheep to sponsor, and get updates, however your wool may be a mix of some of the sheep, as there may be some mixing during the carding. It is guaranteed though to be from our sheep though. 


$220 CAD including shipping.

Stay tuned, pics coming soon!

*entire fleece: 1st cuts only, no second cuts: second cuts are the dirtiest areas, such as near the bum, these 2nd cuts are tossed out. 

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