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Permaculture yarn, home grown on our Ewetiful acres/ADHD Farm.
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Privacy Policy


We will do our best to keep your info private, and will not sell it to anyone, to the best of our knowledge. We do have to put up pages and banners, regardless, to give you the choice to opt-out of privacy sharing, which is great for you to do anyhow, incase somehow there is back end platform or webservers that are somehow getting their hands in the virtual pie that is my tiny store. 

I wonder why there is no back end feature for me to click, to opt in or out.

I have written my site platform to ask if they have a way for me to know if your info is being shared like that, and if there is a way to prevent sharing data, I will do it. I will also avoid adding add-on apps to prevent data sharing, which means my site will be simple, but that's ok, right? 

Thanks, Bobbi Jo