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Permaculture yarn, home grown on our Ewetiful acres/ADHD Farm.
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Fibre & Breed info: 100% Wool: Blue Faced Leicester x Romney.

Viola's beautiful locks are long, wavy to curly, and various shades of grey, sun-kissed to brown closer to the tips, or top of her back where the wool gets more sun exposure. 

Weight & Characteristics: Sport, 2-Ply milled in Ontario, hand dyed. 

Gauge: 24.0 sts = 4 inches

Needles: US 4 (3.5mm)

Hook: 3.5-4mm

Length:  122.5m (133yards)

Yield: 50g

Care: Handwash, lay flat to dry

Want to learn more about Viola? Viola is the leader of the pack! Where she goes, everyone else follows. She is very friendly with people and likes to be scratched behind the ears. She is very fond of apples. 

We do accept requests for next years skirted fleece, requests can be made by the oz or lb, max 4lbs. Her fleece tends to sell out first at markets. 

Birthday: 10-March-2019, is mom to: Hermione 2020, Wallace & Gromit 2021.

Her parents are Harry and Milkweed.

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