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Fleece Artist

Fleece Artist proudly makes their high quality yarns in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here is a bit about them in their own words: "

We knit because it warms your heart and your body. Fleece Artist yarns are practical, hardworking and carefully curated from a set of breeds chosen to keep us comfy. Each skein is dyed to excite our senses. We dye every pot imagining you touching, seeing, and creating with them, and experiencing magic of watching them stripe, pool and develop. We imagine how special a recipient of a beautiful gift will feel, and the compliments you get on your own garments. As we select and dye our yarns we imagine the warmth they will create, and it makes us warm.

Fleece Artist was established in 1978, just next door to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design to supply fellow textile artists with natural fibres.  Over time our customers demanded better colours than were commercially available so we took to dyeing these ourselves. Today, we are a small family run company dedicated to dyeing breed specific fibres such as Blue Face Leicester, fine Kid Mohair, Merino and other fuzzy beasts. Our dye artists are NSCAD grads with an eye for craft and colour. Our goal is to move beyond colour, to showcase the natural qualities of the yarn and thus enlivening your hand made projects."- obtained from: http://www.fleeceartist.com/about-fleeceartist/history/