Crystal Palace Yarns – Porch Swing Yarnsomniacs
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Crystal Palace Yarns

Crystal Palace Yarns

Straw into Gold, Inc. since 1971
160 23rd Street
Richmond, California 94804

"I left PhD marine biology studies at UC Berkeley in the early 70s and went into the UCB Design Dept. to get an MA in textiles. I’ve been involved with fiber and yarn ever since. In 1971 I began Straw Into Gold in Oakland, my partner moved to Oregon and I kept on - eventually moving 3 more times and finally into Berkeley. We began Crystal Palace Yarns in 1980, wholesaling fibers, Ashford Spinning Wheels. looms and yarns to shops. When we lost the lease on our retail store in 2001 in Berkeley, we couldn’t find a new location for retail, so we went wholesale only and moved to our warehouse in Richmond, CA."

-Susan, the owner of Crystal Palace Yarns, as quoted on Ravelry.