Yarnsomniacs' Mittens
Permaculture yarn, home grown on our Ewetiful acres/ADHD Farm.
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Yarnsomniacs' Mittens

bulky Pattern Yarnsomniacs

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Yarnsomniacs’ Mittens

by Bobbi Jo Quigley.

 Use any Bulky yarn that has gauge 14 sts/4 inch (in this example I used Three Irish Girls Springvale Bulky)

US 10(6.0mm) circs or DPNs (knit in the round or magic loop)


 CO 31 (using stretchy cast on)

Row 1: Join in Round by Sliping first st onto needle beside last st you co, Knit those 2 together (to reduce ladder and jag), K2, p2, *(k3, p2) *repeat from * 4 more times.

Rows 2-12: continue in pattern: k3, p2 (or make longer if you want a longer rib section).

K 12 rows in stockinette.

Next row: k across until 7 sts left. Put next 7 sts on waste yarn (which will be your thumb).

CO 2, PM, CO 1 (for large hands CO 3, PM, CO 2). 

Continue to k stockinette in the round for 17 rows (more if you have longer fingers, until a couple rows past your pinky finger tip), slipping marker as you get to it every row.


Decrease rows: 

(Rows now start at marker for ease of instructions) 

Decrease row 1:   K 1, k2t, k7( 9) issk, k1, pm, k1, k2t, k to 3 before end of row, issk, k1. 

Decrease row 2:   *K1, k2t, k to 3 before marker, issk, k1*, repeat from *

Repeat last row 2 more times.

Next row:   *k2t, k1, issk, * repeat from *

Break off yarn leaving 6 inch tail, weave tail through all remaining sts and pull. Weave in end. 



Put held sts on needle.

Row 1:    PU 1 st before the held sts, knit the previously held sts, PU 4 sts (for larger thumbs PU 1 more).

Row 2:    k across.

Row 3:    k1, k2t, k across

Next 7 Rows:    k across 

This should bring you halfway up your thumbnail, if you have long thumbs or nails, knit a couple extra rows) 

Next row:  k2t, k across

Next row    k2t, k5, issk, k2.

Next row:    *k2t* repeat across

Cut 6 inch tail and weave though remaining stitches, pull. Weave in ends. 


Now do that all again for the second mitt.


CO= cast on



Stockinette= knit stitches on right side, unless otherwise side, keep knitting knit stitches

Knit across=continue in stockinette


Pm=place marker

issk= improved slip slip knit=slip 1 knitwise, slip next purlwise, knit both together through the back loops

K2t= knit 2 together (so that 2 become 1)

PU=pick up =make a new stitch where there isn’t one


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