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Free Pattern: Hermione Bog Paper Cover

TP roll cover image

To fit on a regular size of toilet/bog paper roll.
This Pattern can be modified easily to Harry Potter by using darker hair, and making hair shorter, then stitch on a lightning bolt. For Ron, make hair orange, and again not as long.
Using worsted weight yarn in a colour you want for the face, and a 4.5mm hook:

Chain 48, slip stitch to join
chain 2, DC to end of round, slip stitch to join, repeat from * to until piece measures 4 inches from beginning row (mine was 9 rows of DC)
Switch to hair colour
Sc one row
Sl st at beginning of the row
Chain 1, sc next 5, sc next 2 together pm
Sc 6, sc next 2 together, pm**
Repeat to end of row
Next row sc across, join with sl-st, ch 1.
Next row* sc until you get to marker, sc2 together* repeat across.
Repeat last 2 rows once, then repeat last Row (decrease row) 4 times
Next row sc 2 together, repeat across. There should barely be any hole left. Draw end through and leave 6 inch tail, use it to weave through remaining hole and pull tight, tie off.
Next do spiral hair pieces:
Start left of where you want face to be on brown section, attach with sc, Ch 60: turn,* sc 3 together, sc 2 tog, sc1** repeat, shaping spiral as you go.
Sl st back onto main brown section, sl-st over 2 spaces, repeat another spiral section. Continue this way spiraling in as you go, and doing shorter sections for bangs.
With black yarn:
Magic loop 6 sts, sc 2 in each on next row (12 Switch to brown, sc one row.
Leave long tail to sew it on. Using white yarn and tapestry needle, wrap white around a stitch on upper left area of each eye, wrap 3 times loosely, tie off on back, leave a bit of a tail to tuck in making eye puffy when you sew it on.

Mouth: get 2 scraps of yarn, attach in back where you want mouth corners to be. Leave it loose in middle so she can make various expressions.

In any yarn, make a mini scarf of your chosen design and sew it on. Scarf pattern shown here not included.


Here is the link to it on Ravelry, where you can also download a PDF. 

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